Sage Dynamics Reviews Stand 1 Armory - Stand 1 Armory

Sage Dynamics Reviews Stand 1 Armory


Aaron of Sage Dynamics reviews Stand 1 Armory Ammunition. He shoots our 9mm “Chubby” round. While he’s skeptical of our ammo before he shoots, after testing it out he’s converted. It’s a glowing review. He loves the consistency of our ammo. Saying as he went through the magazine that he had no failure to fires and that it just felt good.

He also shot some great 5 rounds groups with his Glock 17 and was very impressed. He was “proud of the ammunition.” The consistency of the round allowed him to have an accurate grouping. He also said the Chubby works as a “quiet round” if you’re into that.

Check out the review. We’re proud of our ammo and we’re glad it’s getting rave reviews.

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