Reviews - Stand 1 Armory
Sage Dynamics

Sage Dynamics Reviews Stand 1 Armory

Aaron of Sage Dynamics reviews Stand 1 Armory Ammunition. He shoots our 9mm “Chubby” round. While he’s skeptical of our ammo before he shoots, after testing it out he’s converted. It’s a glowing review. He loves the consistency of our ammo. Saying as he went through the magazine that he had no failure to fires […]

Green Light Shooting

Green Light Shooting Approves of Stand 1 Armory

Green Light Shooting posted a review of our 9mm Chubby ammo. Spoiler alert, he loved it. In the review, Chad of Green Light Shooting shoots some chubbies and has his fiancé shoots too. They do a great job explaining how low the recoil is for the chubby, which is the point. The Chubby is a […]

Marine Scout Sniper

Marine Scout Sniper Reviews Stand 1 Armory

I’m a former Marine Scout Sniper and current Police Officer.  I learned about Stand1 Armory during a recent Run and Gun biathlon.  I had been shooting 77 and 75 grain ammunition from various ammo companies but decided to purchase some of the 62 grain Stand 1 Armory ammunition to run through a Colt 14.5-inch SOCOM […]