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This is the team based out of Weatherford Texas that proudly makes Stand 1 Armory ammunitions.

I’m pleased to announce that as of May 5th, 2020, we have sold Stand 1 Armory’s ammunition manufacturing business to new owners. When we made the difficult decision to cease operations in 2017, I had always hoped that we would be able to either re-open at a later time or find someone who could take over operations and continue the business that we had built and loved so much.

This spring I began talks with a number of different groups and one very talented team quickly rose to the top of the list. Every discussion that I had with them reinforced my decision to move forward with them as they have the same drive and desire that we did. Our focus had always been to make the best ammunition possible and take care of the shooting public and it became clear that their intentions matched ours perfectly.

I’m honored that they plan to continue the legacy that we began and move forward carrying on the tradition of putting quality and customer service first. I have the utmost faith in them which is why we chose their group out of many. I look forward to watching them grow and I’m excited for their future.  We intend to fully support them in their transition and we’re confident in their ability to continue the legacy of serving the shooting community. I look for great things to come in their very near future.

Tony Miglini

Stand 1 Armory