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Marine Scout Sniper Reviews Stand 1 Armory


I’m a former Marine Scout Sniper and current Police Officer.  I learned about Stand1 Armory during a recent Run and Gun biathlon.  I had been shooting 77 and 75 grain ammunition from various ammo companies but decided to purchase some of the 62 grain Stand 1 Armory ammunition to run through a Colt 14.5-inch SOCOM rifle with ACOG.  I had never been able to get other grain ammo to line up with the ACOG BDC, despite zeroing my rifle to hit slightly high or low to compensate for the different bullets.  I picked up the ammunition not expecting much and was just looking for reasonably accurate rounds that would be a little closer to the ACOG BDC.  

Very rarely do I write reviews for products, but I was extremely impressed with this ammunition.  First after getting a good 100 yard zero, I was able to shoot several 10 round groups at 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards using the ACOG BDC reticle.  100, 200, and 300 yards were all extremely close to point of aim/point of impact.  At 400 yards, utilizing the ACOG BDC, my rounds grouped about 4 inches low from the BDC.  In the upcoming weeks, I would like to get out and shoot at 500 and 600 yards to see how closely the ammunition lines up with the BDC, but so far, this ammo has matched the BDC closer than any other ammunition I have tried.

Now, I realize that many shooters do not prefer utilizing a BDC optic because the BDC reticles are designed for specific ammo under specific conditions.  However, although my initial intention in purchasing Stand 1 Amory 62 grain ammo was simply to find a load that would hopefully match my BDC, I was also extremely impressed with the accuracy of this round.  The Colt SOCOM 14.5-inch rifle barrels are well known for their accuracy, but they are still not what many would consider a “precision” barrel, and many shooters would probably select a 75 or 77 grain bullet for mid-range rifle work.  However, at 100 yards, the 62-grain ammunition was holding a sub 1 inch 5 round group.  At 200 yards, a 10-round group was just over 2 inches, and at 300 yards, a 10 round group was 5 inches.  At 400 yards, my 10-round group was 6 inches.  I believe that this ammunition shoots as good as my capabilities with this specific rifle.  

Lastly, another advantage of the Stand 1 Armory 62-grain ammunition is the fact that it is not loaded with the steel penetrator/green tip, which is so common with other 62 grain rounds from other companies.  While the penetrator is great for some purposes, it is prohibited at most public ranges and competitions.  I greatly appreciate Stand 1 offering this round without the penetrator, as it makes it much easier to find places to shoot and practice.  

Going forward, I personally plan to purchase more of the 62-grain ammunition and will be using it as my primary training/range ammunition as well as my Run and Gun biathlon competition ammunition.  I highly recommend purchasing some and seeing if you have similar experiences.


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